The Benefits of Building A Posts Page

With the key differences between posts, pages, and archives clarified, let’s take a quick look at why you’d want to create a dedicated Posts page.

Your blog is key for content marketing. Because of this, WordPress displays your most recent posts on your home page out of the box. However, there are many instances where your website would benefit much more from keeping your blog on a separate page.

For example, creating a separate page offers a central ‘hub’ for your blog. Less clutter means more readability, and ease of navigation will improve the chances of visitors returning to your site. You can also customize the Posts page to your exact requirements. For example, custom page templates can be used to create a dedicated layout, without compromising your chosen theme.

Also, a Posts page can help improve your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), along with helping visitors find and share posts. Using tags and categories makes the process of finding similar and related posts quick and easy.

Finally, we’ve already touched on the extra home page real estate you’ll get. It’s crucial for the first page of any business site to be geared towards making a good first impression and encouraging visitors to take action. While a blog is part of this process, making sure your home page is focused on a prominent Call To Action (CTA) means details of your latest posts could be superfluous to requirements.